H @L
H @L
2013 ART HOUSE (Osaka), Bodaju · Cafe (Osaka), Coffee shop Vansan (Tokushima), Bodaiju Expo 2 (Osaka)
2012 ART HOUSE (Osaka), Hyatt Regency Kyoto (Kyoto), Coffee shop Vansan (Tokushima)
2011 ART HOUSE (Osaka), Shiroji Art Museum (Kagawa)
2010 ART HOUSE (Osaka), coffee shop Vansan (Tokushima)
2009 Coma cafe (Osaka), Suntory Museum Tempozan (Osaka), coffee shop Vansan (Tokushima)
2007 ARTSTREAM RIVERPLACE FM802 AWARD digmeout cafe (Osaka), NAP CAFE (Miyazaki), ART HOUSE (Osaka)
2006 ART HOUSE (Osaka), ART HOUSE (Osaka)
2003 Gallery NAW (Osaka)
2013 CHAYAMACHI ART AWARD NU Chaya-cho Plus Award
2009 Illustration 26th Ya · Choice Year Award Winning
The 24th Nissan Children\'s Story and Picture Book Grand Prix Picture Book Division Grand Prize Illustration 159th Prize winner / choice

Illustration 151th Prize · Choices selected Art Stream · River
Place 2006 Osaka 21st Century Association Prize · FM802 Award

2005 2nd Art Academy Award Winning (Recommended by Toshiko Okamoto)

2004 The 14th ARTBOX Grand Prize Exhibitor Award (Recommended by Fujita Kazuhito)

The 47th New Century Exhibition Encouragement Prize (2003 Honorable Mention Award)
The 16th Mihama Art Exhibition Selected 9th Winner of the 9th Liquitex Biennale 54th Fukui Prefectural Governor\'s Award, 4th Yukigami-san Florence Award Exhibition Grand Prize in Italy (Florence)

2001 The 2nd Ikeda Masuo Memorial Art Prize Prizewinning (2003 Winning 2005 qualified)